Meet our Team


Esty and trainer

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Having been in the beauty industry for 9 years (getting her full Cosmetology license in 2012), Chanice has layers of experience as she started her career in Vegas. She, truly, has seen it all! As an avid lover of high-quality life, Chanice aligns her lifestyle with the fundamental belief that we should treat ourselves well through the food we eat, clothing we buy, products we use, and services we perform. While she never anticipated being an absolute nut for all things natural - she is and she’s probably ok with it. As a master waxer, Chanice loves doing any waxing service sent her way and enjoys getting Brazilian waxes and Radiate facial services as they make her feel the Queen Bee her heart sings. She loves being a part of the Pearl Fox Company team because she feels there is a cohesive commitment to success and one another.


Hybrid and Trainer

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Morgan has a full Cosmetology license that she received from Regency Beauty Institute 9 years ago. She’s got a wealth of experience in all realms of beauty from make-up and hair to esthetician and nail technician services. Morgan is the proud mamma of two and planning her wedding for this coming fall so she’s no stranger to managing chaos from all sides of life. Her favorite services to receive are any waxing service or spray tans because she feels like a whole new woman after a waxing appointment. Add a tan on top of it, you’re golden like a chicken nugget. She loves doing any creative nail art service or pretty much any service that leaves someone feeling pampered and beautiful. I mean, that’s why she loves this industry, right? Her favorite aspect of working at Pearl Fox Company is the team environment and sense of community from the people with whom she works to the clients she sees.


Esty and Lash Tech

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Jasmyn has been in the beauty industry for four years having received her Esthetician license from Design Beauty Academy in 2017. Jasmyn has a deep-seated love for beauty and loves encouraging beauty in others from a perfectly shaped brow to a flawless makeup application to an amazingly pampering facial service. In her downtime, Jasmyn and her husband have constant input from their two dogs, Sasha and Kai, who have opinions about all of things - which makes life fun! Jasmyn has magic hands when it comes to facials and loves doing any facial service as it allows her to both get to know clients and give back to them in therapeutic ways. She loves getting Spray Tans and any pedicure service as they allow her to feel pampered and relaxed. Her favorite aspect of being at Pearl Fox Company is experiencing the unity and support that this team offers.


Nail Tech

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Macy got her full Cosmetology license 10 years ago and has been in the industry since. She comes with a wealth of knowledge both in how services are done and how salon life flows having worked both at the front desk and as a technician. In her free time, she has an at-home rodeo that includes her man, Son, Daughter, three dogs that not only always throw curve balls but constantly keep life interesting! Her favorite services to receive are the Deluxe Pedicure and Radiate Facial. She loves doing any service involving Gel Polish and she can instantly take pride in the finished product and know it will last a while. Her favorite aspect of the Pearl Fox Company team is the close-knit relationship she has with everyone.


Nail Tech

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Salem joined the Pearl Fox Company community with experience in both nails and the service industry. Having moved to Colorado Recently, Salem has definitely absorbed the Colorado vibes and fun to be had in our state while also missing aspects of home (mainly family). While her cat and dog absorb a lot of her love, she also enjoys gaming and reading any chance she can get. While Salem may appear quiet at first, the ever-changing color of her hair indicates the sass that dwells below the surface. Salem enjoys doing Deluxe Pedicure services as they provide a full relaxation service for clients (and gives the most bang for your buck). She loves receiving Gel Manicures and Brow Tint services as they enable feeling good while providing overall maintenance. Salem enjoys the overall vibe of working at Pearl Fox Company due to the people with whom she is surrounded by - people really do make or break a job experience.



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Kristi has been in the beauty industry for over 10 years. Doing what any sane person would do, She followed her best friend to beauty school after being laid off from a manufacturing job in 2009. Graduating From Cheeks Beauty School in 2010 - as a Cosmetologist - She started her career as a hair stylist.  eventually finding her way into working as a nail tech at Pearl Fox Company (when it was formerly She She) in 2012. After working at here for several years she finalized the purchase of the business in August of 2019 and began the rebrand to Pearl Fox Company. Kristi lives in Wellington, on a few acres, that include a rocky mountain view, with her husband Dusty and their adorable little girl and two pups, Wyatt and Remington. Kristi loves traveling and scuba diving among other things. Drag racing is a shared hobby between her and her husband, Dusty, when they are not home hanging out in the backyard or pool.


General Manager

Kinzli has been in management for 7 years having worked at Verizon as a store manager prior to rejoining Pearl Fox Company's (When it was formerly She She) team as General Manager in 2017. As an avid enjoyer of all things Colorado, she enjoys adventuring with her polar Bear...I mean Dog, Otis (and sometimes humans, too) in her noble steed: McDoogle (a.k.a. Jeep Wrangler). You’ll be able to easily identify Kinzli by her colorful hair which has a habit of changing with the seasons. The services she recommends at Pearl Fox Company - because she loves receiving them - are Lash Lift and Tint (only because she cannot get lash extensions) and the Radiate Facial as it gives her skin the pick-me-up needed for each season. Above all else, Kinzli’s favorite aspect of Pearl Fox Company is the team she serves and being able to work alongside so many talented and passionate people.


Organizational Consultant

Sarahlynn joined the Pearl Fox Company team in the fall of 2019 to join the leadership team in their quest to create and commit to core values and behavioral models. Coming from a background in business, she has Experience in the corporate world doing training and leadership development. Sarahlynn loves traveling, being outside, and puns (that often no one else appreciates) but hates camping, and has little idea how to properly apply makeup (we can’t all be perfect). She often notes how little she could do in life without the amazing people in her world (starting with her husband, Pup, and Very Confused Kitty). Sarahlynn loves getting Lash Extensions (as they make her look like she knows how to “do makeup”) and the Tough-as-diamonds facial as the results continue for days after the service. She is grateful to work in a community that serves one another so well and has a good time along the way.